As a former nonprofit executive and a marketing agent for NFL athletes, I enjoyed two meaningful and exciting careers. Now I’ve started this new adventure and I’m delighted to share my photography with you.

My first visit to Japan in the 1970’s inspired a love of photography, especially of Black and White images, that led to a lifelong devotion to the art form. Travel always fires up my creative spirit so I spend a lot of time driving throughout the Southwest and visiting other countries with my cameras.  Recent places visited include Uruguay, Japan, Spain and Mexico.  I use two medium format film cameras for my images…a Hasselblad 500 C/M and a Fujica GW 690.  My wife and I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Black and White photography is an intimate art form.  For me, it can evoke a sense of timelessness.  When I compose a Black and White image, I often think about how that composition might have looked decades or even centuries earlier. When I look at old Black and White photos, I always have the feeling of glimpsing personal moments in the past…like a voyeur trying to figure out the daily lives of others now long gone.